Go Home

It is time for the Republicans in Congress to go home for Christmas. There is no sense in staying in Washington to be subject to Democrat whining.

The Republicans need to get some backbone. They need to come to the realization that the House of Representatives holds all of the cards. The power of the House is absolute. No appropriations of money for anything the federal government does happens without being initiated by the House of Representatives. No changes in the tax laws can happen without being initiated by the House of Representatives.

In other words, no compromise with or caving in to the Democrats is needed. The House of Representatives needs to pass the appropriations and tax bills they believe to be the right ones and send same along to the Senate. Let the Senate take the responsibility for blocking. The House needs to get on with its business on all sorts of matters without concern about what the President or the Senate thinks. Neither the President nor the Senate controls the purse. The House does.

The House needs to decide where government should be cut, then cut off the funding. The first place to start would be with all of the czars created by Obama. Maybe the next should be a cut in the amount of money available to the President for traveling like a rock star all over the place all of the time.

The President is not a king nor an emperor, nor a dictator….. yet. He may want to be. It sure looks that way when he comes with a proposal that would give him unilateral power to raise the debt ceiling all by his little own self. What a completely arrogant thing to even suggest.

The people power resides in the House of Representative. It is time for them to act like it.


About Kent Blacklidge Ph.D.

As one of a newspaper family who owned a 34,000 daily newspaper in the heart of the Midwest for 85 years, I have a deep belief in a strong “Fourth Estate”, the press. Without a diligent, truthful, and assertive free press, the power would be taken from the people. People have the absolute right to know. After earning a degree in Industrial Management from the Krannert School of Management at Purdue, I spent over 20 years in newspaper management with several as publisher. I also hold three graduate science degrees including a Ph.D.. I have a passionate interest in science, the environment, government, and politics. I have very little tolerance for ignorance and stupidity.
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2 Responses to Go Home

  1. Edmund Jacoutot says:

    A visitor from another planet would, after reading that post, assume that the U.S. Government, as established by the Constitutuon is a single House without any balance of power inherent in its operation. As usual America is all about MONEY – and the Republicans control it all. Therefore – we don’t need a Presidency and a Senate or anything else to run this large and complex Nation. Since cutting off the purse from any government function will in effect destroy it we will someday find we have no government – and only a Nation ruled by a Mob when the “cutters” complete their chopping frenzy. And the statement that the President wants to raise the debt limit “all by his iddy biddy self” begs credulity. How did Republican Presidents do it when they raised the limit? Or are they to continue being ignored as most of them have been?

    • Dr. Kent H Blacklidge says:

      Edmund…. thank you for your comment. I have posted it. I agree a balance of power is needed in government, but what we have in Congress (both House and Senate) now are mostly self-serving politicians who know no spending limits. Please review what has happened to the national debt over the past ten years or so. The trend cannot continue. The federal government spending has grown like a glutenous dough boy. Even the “shut down” was a joke. During it about 75% of all federal government continued unabated and even those sent home without pay eventually were paid for no work like it was vacation. What a crock. And, don’t worry. The debt ceiling will be raised after a lot of smoke and mirrors.

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